Friday, March 4, 2016

GM jar event, fun screen caps & more!

1. For the memes

Our village demon turning into a zombie @ Saurian

Saurian reviving after he's zombie crusade.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I'm back from absence & here's some help if you come back too!

I'll be very active again in RedStone & have been seeing a slight resurgence in activity, especially from our EU based players! Sooooo, if you are returning to the game & looking for help I'll try my best to answer any questions. To give you some help if summer approaching entices you to play actively with the community again here are a few guides to provide some assistance ^.^
 (If you need me, i've moved from my maid to my spirit/champ so PM Akeno with any questions!)

A small reference sheet for New RS players!

& two of my close friend Prinya's guides for leveling which can be found on her blog aswell as a lot of other useful information !

-Prinya's Solo grind guide!

-Prinya's Party level guide!

Hey everyone sorry!

I know  disappeared on a lot of people out of th blue but my personal life fell out & am having to take care of a lot of family matters. My father became extremely ill & things haven't been looking too good. Mostly my absence was a result of this & scrambling to try to get stable ground to continue on with life & help my family. BUT IM BACK ^.^

I'm currently working in the EULCS (league of legends champion series Europe) as an analyst for Team Vitality & we're fighting for the # 1 spot to compete in Shanghai  later this year after spring playoffs. This year has been extremely promising for me on my path in Esports, and after working with a very close friend/ former worlds/EU finals coach for Origen last year having made it all the way to semifinals was a wonderful experience. I hope to continue my success this year but now with my position provide as much as I can to the redstone community as I now have more time to grunge together for you guys ! ^.^

Friday, September 11, 2015

Teams for Saturday & Sunday

These are teams Blue is Restricted / Red is Havoc after tonights drafts.
Contact : Deadlystriker = Restricted 
Contact : Grubitsch = Havoc

You have until the GvG's tomorrow to be in your designated guild otherwise you must wait until our next series of matches.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Level 200- GvG event - Community held.

Welcome to the community held 200- GvG event. 

Here are the rules :

- You must be level 200 or lower.
- There will be two guilds only to maximize on players.
- To join this event post reply on FB with your current IGN & your 200-  IGN
- Players who do not apply in time won't be placed on a team.
- There will be no vices in either guild to prevent disruption of guild members.
- Mini pets will be disallowed, turn them off before entering GvG.

We will be running application process until Friday of this week.
Players from who apply will be randomized into two teams.

First GvG will be on Saturday  @ 10:00 Game time
Second will be on Sunday @ 18:00 Game time

If this goes over well, we will look to do more of these during the week and weekends.

This list isn't final & is subject to change 
Here is a list of all players who've applied. 

Superpam ; Dauri 
Tahmur ; Grubitsch
Akeno ; Irina
Care ; avatar
NoSoupForYou ; Unfair
Saurian ;  deadlystriker
Okkin ; Maine
Dragonlance ; Dragonflute
GAT_X103 ; GAT_X102
Hestia_ ; Flippy
Zoony ; Knox
xChoukyx ; suzumebachi
SexyTamer ; SexyChamp
ferkos ; Ferkos_
KATEKYO ; QueenElf
Great_Priest ; Great_Tamer
Reaper ; mage1
Faks ; Tebann
Kiyomi ; Kyoto
MrSatan ; GiveAssPlease
Voltar ; Razz

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I is back


I'm back peoples, PM Akeno if you need me ^-^